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Jewelry, of all things, is a perfect index of where a person comes from, their style and sometimes, their religious affiliations. For instance, it is not uncommon for native Egyptians to wear amulets or hand ornament, for it was believed by the traditional Egyptians to protect one from the forces of evil and ill wishes.

Just like protective jewelry, regional jewelries are also telling of a region’s prevalent patterns of living. For instance, Egyptian jewelry is mostly famous for its neckpieces as well as inspiration from their gods, indicating their rich traditions of the past.

Every region and every culture has a unique type of jewelry to offer. For instance, more than any other part of the world, in Dravidian culture, wide hips were considered a sign of beauty. To accentuate the hips, women wore waist girdles, cast with various stones and patterns.

More and more women, today, are starting to experiment with such regional and cultural jewelry, not because they are simply pretty, but each pieces of jewelry, originating from a particular culture, has its own value, its own properties and certain positive associations.

Incorporating cultural and religious symbols into jewelry pieces is not something new, but now, in the modern times, more and more designers are incorporating their own original ideas and twists into it. Therefore, the modern fashionista is spoilt for choices. Getting hold of such jewelry is not difficult. They appear in most small end, antique shops, souvenir shops, as well as high end boutiques.

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