Fusional - The Best of Both Worlds!!

So you are a modern woman with a profound love for the classics. Well then, who said that you have to choose one over the other, especially when it comes to picking sides for your wardrobe? Fusional jewelry, an amalgamation of the very best of modern and traditional jewelry styles has been taking the world by storm for the past few years now, and it is time that you gave this form a try.

When one says fusion jewelry, they simply do not mean a combination of the modern jewelry style with the old and classical ones, but also the combining together of more than one type of styles, materials as well as original concepts. For instance, the Greco-Roman style is extremely popular in the modern art circles right now. More and more jewelry designers are putting diamonds and intricate designs into what would be a traditional roman outlook on jewelry.

What exactly can you expect from fusion jewelry? For starters, they are very colorful. This means the inclusion of color semi-precious stones like rubies, aquamarines, sapphires and so on, in them. Some of them also take it one step ahead by including tassels, wide and heavy chains, bold geometric shapes. However, circles are the most predominant shapes when it comes to fusion jewelry.

But one thing is for certain, you may love fusion jewelry or hate it, you simply cannot ignore it, because every piece of fusion jewelry is unique and a fashion statement in itself.

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22 Item(s)