Kabali - For the love of traditional!!

When it comes to Kabali jewelry, the idea is to go bolder and bigger. Traditionally, Kabali jewelry refers to any form of old school traditional jewelry and we don’t mean just your grandmother’s hand me downs, but the forms and patterns of jewelry that have been passed down by tribes from one generation to the next.

Such traditional jewelry pieces are usually cast in materials like silver, gold and bronze because back then, they were the most available metals. Therefore, you cannot expect delicate and minimalistic pieces and unique geometric patterns, but instead, lots of chunky, colorful, antique pieces. What sets most of these jewelry pieces that instead of a shimmer, they aim for a more oxidized, worn out look to give the wearer a Middle Eastern aura.

There are a ton of varieties when it comes to traditional Kabali jewelry. For instance, while Moroccon jewelry includes tons of chandelier inspired designs, adivasi jewelry includes tons of round, armlet type pieces. Headgears are also extremely popular pieces as well.

Since the proper typecast of such jewelry is “big and bold”, they are suitable only for informal events. Such gypsy-like pieces of jewelry allow you to experiment with bold colors and patterns in your wardrobe as well. But there is always the risk of going overboard with such accessories. Therefore, in order to play it safe, fashionistas advice to stick to one thing at a time, like wear just one necklace or large earrings at a time.

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