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Unlike other ethnical or specific region related jewelry, modern jewelry does not cater to a particular set of tastes and neither does it tick any specific set of check boxes. What makes modern jewelry extremely unique is that its style is hard to pin down. Of course, it goes without saying that each and every designer on this planet has a different definition as to what modern jewelry constitutes, and therefore, different styles of designing their modern pieces.

What can you expect from modern jewelry?

The thing with modern jewelry is that it is experimental and, of course, in vogue. The materials that are used in its construction, range from sterling silver, gold, platinum, bronze as well as precious and semi-precious stone.

This means that you have a wide range to choose from, be it minimalistic sterling silver that are extremely in vogue with 20 something women right now, elegant pearl pieces or even somewhat chunky Bohemian inspired pieces. What you have to do, is look around, try out different ones to figure out which particular style suits you.

Where can you wear modern jewelry?

Really, it all depends on the type of modern jewelry that you choose. For instance, minimalistic jewelry can be worn literally everywhere, whether night or day, and wither with color blocking attire or even with sleek or elegant clothes. Heavy jewelry on the other hand, demands a little more dressing up, for informal occasions. Such jewelry is perfect for the woman with a wild heart.

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