The Partnership Program

We are pleased to announce our exclusive Partnership Program that will allow anyone to earn money without going to office. Partners can work from home and all they need is a laptop or an iPad. They can show the products to their friends, relatives and anyone who is willing to buy jewelry online. The Partner will get 15%  of the Sales as Partnership credit will be paid in cash via cheque bi weekly.

Lifelong Customer

Guess what, the biggest news, once a customer buys a product through your reference, you will only get the commission for that sale but also anytime when customer buys again from arVasaa, the commission will automatically be credited to your Partnership Account without you even knowing about it.

Referral Program

The fun and earn does not stop here. If you refer a Partner and for any sales made by that Partner, you get additional 5% on all the sales made by referred Partner as long as the referred Partner remains with the company as Partner.

What do you say, isn’t that exciting !!

So, let us get going and grab this opportunity because we issue limited Partnership opportunity.

How to “Become a Partner”

Please click the link below to “Become a Partner”.  Fill up the details and wait for an approval email from arVasaa. Once approved, you will be become active and can log in through Partners Option in home page to check your sale details , credits and balances. We will mail you the cheque biweekly  your specified address.

Please mail or call us at  +12623272594

Wish you best of luck !!

Please click here : Become a Partner